The new ALYSIA app is coming soon and we need your help! The app will make it easy to create lyrics and vocal melodies for existing tracks. We are looking for 40 amazing tracks to launch the app.

What to submit:

  • Tracks in one of the following genres: Pop, rock, R&B, or country.
  • Length should be approximately 1.5 to 3.5 minutes.
  • Tracks should include chords.
  • We need tracks at all levels of complexity: From simple guitar strums to complex, fully produced tracks. Anything that can be used to create a beautiful vocal song!
  • These tracks do NOT need to be made with ALYSIA.
  • The tracks may include samples so long as they are royalty free.
  • Please only send tracks for which you own the copyright.

How to submit:

  • Email an mp3 or wav file of your track/s to Maya: with the title "track submission".
  • If your track is selected, you will need to provide all wav files tracked out (STEMS) and midi of the chords.

How will your tracks be used?

Your tracks will be used to create vocal songs. ALYSIA will assist users in the writing of lyrics and vocal melodies that will fit with your tracks.

Credit and Royalties

All of your tracks on the ALYSIA app will include your name, and link to your profile that will include all of your other tracks. As an early ALYSIA producer, you will received 50% royalties every time someone purchases your track.

Half of the accepted tracks you submit will be part of the ALYSIA Factory Content, and will help promote your paid tracks.

Due date:

July 15th, 2018.

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